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Looking for an efficient way to obtain a driver’s license in Japan?
Let’s get started learning with Drivers Academy in Japan!
We are providing commentary videos along with the textbook in English.
The videos help you understand Japanese traffic rules and
support you to pass the learner’s permit test.
Chat system between subscribers is also available.

We update information related to the traffic laws without delay
and offer you some helpful tips and advice.

Let‘s pass the learner’s permit test in the shortest possible time!

Supportive and well-made commentary videos are now available with Drivers Academy in Japan.

  • Easy-to-understand!

    All the videos are carried out by university lecturers and well organized.

  • Videos are available in English!

    No more struggling with complex Japanese words.

  • Boost your learning with the knowledge of the trends and countermeasures for the learner’s permit test.

    We provide the tendency of the questions that are frequently asked in the test and that boosts your learning.

  • Share and learn together!

    Even if you had any problems you don’t understand or any concerns, don’t worry. Subscribers can chat each other and feel secure to solve problems.

Sample Movie

① 0 Before you start ~How to pass driving license test~

② Obeying traffic signals

Highly recommended for people...

  • who belongs to a driving school, but faces difficulties to keep up in the class
  • who failed the learner’s permit test
  • who feels anxious about taking the test
  • who would like to learn or review Japanese traffic rules in English

Merit 01

Unlimited streaming (*for 6months)

Merit 02

Learn anytime, anywhere

Merit 03

All in English

Merit 04

Make you feel confident with deep understanding of the Japanese traffic rules

Merit 05

Our consultant helps you selecting a driving school to join

Available services

Chat System

Chat system is available between subscribers. Let’s help each other and stay motivated!!!!

Knowledgeable Blog

Lecturers write knowledgeable blog about Japanese traffic rules, laws and learner’s permit test on a regular basis. It’s helpful with your preparation and reviewing for your learning.

Consultations about driving school

If you are seeking any advice on selecting your driving school, we are here!

Payments:Credit cards and bank transfer

We offer you the choice to pay with Credit cards and bank transfer.

Easy to join! The services are available immediately with 2 steps!

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Usage Fees

Registration Fee 27,500 yen (Tax included)

Once you registered...

  • Commentary videos are available for 6 months!
  • Stay motivated chatting with other learners!
  • Knowledgeable Blogs help your understanding!

General Questions

What is ‘‘Drivers Academy in Japan?’’

We provide commentary videos for a preparation of learner’s permit test of driving school. We can offer you accurate and reliable information as we are an affiliate company of an authorized driving school. We also provide you some consultations of selecting a driving school and tips for (even after) obtaining your license as well as test preparation.

How much does it cost?

The fee is 27,500 yen (including tax) and you can watch all the commentary videos for 6 months. You can also enjoy our blogs and other contents any time in the subscription.

Can I watch the videos immediately after payment?

Yes! You can watch the videos once you have done your registration and payment.

How do I cancel my subscription?

In principle, we do not accept a cancellation request after payment.

What are the contents of the videos?

  1. The commentary videos for learner’s permit test of driving school. Lecturers explain about questions that are frequently appear on the test and give you some tips to pass the test.
  2. The videos are based on the lectures given in Japanese driving schools, but they are all in English. The subscription is recommended for those who are struggling lectures in all Japanese at driving school or those who would like to learn the Japanese traffic rules thoroughly.

Can I watch the videos and blogs as many times as I want?

Yes, you can watch the videos as many times as you need within the 6 months of subscription. Blogs can be viewed anytime!

I’m not enrolled in a driving school. Can I subscribe the videos?

Yes, anyone can subscribe our videos. If you are anxious about your Japanese language skill and joining driving school, our subscriptions are effective.

Can I log in with both my smartphone and desktop?

Yes, you can subscribe the videos with your smartphone and desktop.

How does my personal information is managed?

At Driver Academy in Japan, we care about your personal information, so we have prepared a Privacy Policy.

Any other languages other than English?

We don’t have it for now, but we are preparing for the videos in Chinese.

User reviews

It was very helpful that I was able to concentrate on my learning without struggling language barrier.

My Japanese is not good enough to learn all of the things in a text book, but the lecturers in the videos speak all in my mother tongue (English), so it was very easy to understand and helpful. I think I would be stuck in the middle of the learning because of the complexity of the rules in Japanese traffic. Thanks to those lecturers, I’ve got my driver's license. I really appreciate it and I’d like to recommend the subscriptions to my friends who are failing the test again and again.

I was desperate to get a driver's license!

I’m living in a rural area and far from a train station and even a bus stop so I really needed to drive for myself to go shopping and picking up my children from their schools. Once I gave up obtaining the driver’s license because I was not good at Japanese (especially Kanji, Chinese characters) and I didn't understand technical terms. However, I found "Drivers Academy in Japan" through blogs, and I immediately decided to subscribe.I stay motivated thanks to the chat system with other subscribers and was able to ask some of the things that I couldn’t get in the videos. THANK YOU!!!

The videos are available soon with 2 steps!

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About us

Driver Academy in Japan

Company name Hawks Japan Solution Co., Ltd.
Location 2nd floor Hawks Japan Nobuto Building, 1-10-12 Nobuto, Chuo-ward, Chiba city, Chiba Prefecture
Director Kohei ONOO
Established 25 December, 2012
Our Business Assistance Business for obtaining driver’s license


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